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Corporate Overview

DocOrigin® can open Adobe Designer® XDP files and Adobe/JetForm® IFD files directly and save them as DocOrigin XATW template files. Most single-page and multi-page static forms migrate with 90 to 100 percent accuracy. Per form conversion time is just seconds. Although complex multi-page dynamic forms may require cleanup, the migration and conversion tools provided for your JetForm or Adobe Central forms and data should reduce your design and QA time by up to 70 percent. Touch-up of the automated conversion results may be required and will vary based on the complexity of the original form. The effort required may range from a few minutes to a few hours.

Data Files

Field-nominated format .DAT or .FNF files are recognized by DocOrigin and automatically converted to well-formed XML that matches your template. Proper template and data merging is assured. DocOrigin also provides a robust visual data mapping software (“FilterEditor”) to allow you to map your Spool or ASCII print image files to XML. (This is a one-time process.)

Deploy into Production One Form at a Time

Phase your migration at your own pace

One of the greatest challenges for many Adobe or JetForm customers is the process of migrating from “old” to “new.” At Eclipse Corp., we can help you manage that change. Our representatives can show you how to migrate to DocOrigin on a template-by-template basis. You can have your current system and DocOrigin both running productively, and when all your templates are migrated, you can “pull the plug” on the old system. In the event that an issue escapes your testing process, the template can be quickly reverted to its old method of processing. You can expect a smooth transition, with little or no disruption to your critical document generation processes.

Your Legal Obligations

As a licensee of Adobe software, you have some legal obligations to attend to. If you are converting JetForm or Adobe Central IFD or DAT files to use with any new document generation software, you need to take care not to violate the Adobe EULA. DocOrigin makes this simple for you. Please review Conversion Due Diligence.

1 To legally convert Adobe IDF files to DocOrigin format you must own a legal version of Adobe Acrobat 10® or Adobe LiveCycle Designer®.

DocWizard vs Native E1 Form comparison

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  • WYSIWYG Design Interface
  • Automated Forms Migration
  • Javascript Support
  • Fillable HTML and PDF Forms Option
  • Merge Test and PDF and HTML Preview
  • Auto-Generate Test Data
  • Overflow Header & Footer
  • Automatic Pagination
  • Simple Page X Of Y
  • Column Support Hierarchal View of Objects
  • Embedded Field Support

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Learn more about DocOrigin, and how easy it can be to upgrade your system from JetForm and Adobe Central.

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